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Ensuring your facility has enough staff to cater to your patients’ needs

Hospitals are healthcare institutions that can offer a wide variety of healthcare assistance. For this reason, these facilities also require staff members that specialize in different types of services. Healthcare professionals’ expertise may range from personal care, mobility assistance, health monitoring, medication administration, and health management to medical treatment. And all of these need to be done right and according to each patient’s care plan. That’s why hospitals need to ensure that their staff works seamlessly with each other to promote unity in the services patients receive.

If you represent a hospital looking for a partner that can offer staffing solutions, we’ll be glad to help you. We have a roster of professionals that can easily adjust to your working environment. You can trust them to work with your existing team since they are experienced in collaborating with other healthcare providers, patients, and family members.


At Mari’s Quality Home Care and Staffing, Inc., our staff members are available for per-diem, short, or long-term assignments.

Professionals We Staff

We staff facilities with the following healthcare professionals:

  • Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs)
  • Home Health Aides (HHAs)

Do you have more questions? Send us your staffing inquiries and suggestions, or give our representatives a call.